How To Buy Your First Handbag Or “Purse”

By in Fashion tips on 05/09/2019

How to buy your first handbar or “Purse”


If you’re ready to purchase a designer handbag for the first time, or if you’re handbag neophyte this article via the Marquis of Fashion will be your guide. Below is an excerpt of the post that can be found by clicking the link below. Happy shopping!

Buying your first handbag? Don’t know where to begin? I get this question all the time and it is important you know these simple steps before you step into Nordstrom and spend a fortune on the bag you will be identified with for the next year.

Think about that… the bag you pick up will be at your side, on your wrist, or over your shoulder for the next year or more. Now that’s a staple! This handbag will last longer than most of your relationships. Just putting it in perspective… stop crying. Okay, so where to start…


This is important and I don’t want you to go in debt over a handbag. But notice how I didn’t say “silly” handbag or “another” handbag? That’s because it’s not silly nor is it frivolous so think of your handbag as the thing that will put the icing on the cake at a job interview or that social one up on the girl next to you that the guy you like is looking at.

Okay, that last one was a bit below the belt but seriously purses are serious business! In today’s society if you are carrying around a holey garbage bag people will answer your question for directions as follows “No I don’t have any change.” To avoid this determine your budget and get a great bag within it

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