Where to Find Cute Nerd Glasses

By in Fashion tips on 04/09/2019

Where to Find Cute Nerd Glasses

Nerd glasses have today become the epitome of fashion, implying that a person is smart and fashionable! This wasn’t always the case. The term ‘Nerd’ first appeared in the 1950s and was used to describe shy, studious and socially awkward people. The most notable item connected to the identification of a ‘nerd’’ was his/her glasses. With a lot of ‘nerdy’ people rising to fame (the most notable being Bill Gates) and many stars like Justin Timberlake, Johnny Depp and Edward Cullen in Twilight, sporting the ‘nerdy’ look, nerd glasses have become a fashion statement. Nowadays, people with glasses are perceived as intelligent, reliable and trustworthy.

So what constitutes a ‘nerdy’ pair of eyeglasses? A pair of frames that are:

– Thick, dark in color and are made of animal horn, tortoise shell or plastic (plastic is the preferred variety since they’re light and come in many shapes and colors);

– Semi-rimless, roundish, rectangular or has horned rims;

– Smart and stylish.

Where to Find Cute Nerd Glasses

Where to Find Cute Nerd Glasses

People obviously wear glasses for vision correction. However, today, people also wear glasses with clear lenses as a fashion accessory. You can have a variety of frames for different outfits, but that can be expensive. Thus, try opting for a pair of plain black frames; they go with pretty much every kind of outfit while appearing classy at the same time. Make sure they highlight rather than overwhelm your features.

So where can you buy such glasses? There are many options available:

– Websites for specific brands (for example, Ray-Ban or Warby Parker);

– From online stores. eBay and Amazon usually have a wide selection of glasses with reviews added;

– Visit your local flea markets for bargains and also some really cool retro finds;

– Your local eyeglass stores. This is the best way to buy a pair of eyeglasses since you get to try on the frames and can actually see whether they suit you or not.

Nerd glasses are a really cool addition to your wardrobe and can really help with giving a positive impression about you.

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